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Spiral by Mermanwatch

Born into the cast system, as a humble transport pilot.  He was in charge of flying transports all over the planet.  He loved his job, but like his friend, Starshot he wanted to explore the cosmos.  Epically to visit the colony worlds. Sadly because of the cast system and the ban on installer travel on the belief that the colonies had failed that was impossible dream at the time.  However when the talks for change came, he along Starshot and many other who wanted to explore the cosmos joined up.  When the split happened Spiral and Starshot and many other joined up with Optimas while others joined Megatron.  Spiral was assigned to Spatran's unit.  While Starshot joined another unit.  He fought hard the war both on the air and land.  Like many others he was upset when the Call to leave came.  However he was filled with hope of seeing strange new worlds and maybe seeing the colony wolrds.  Starshot's unit left earlier in one of the first groups.  While Spiral continued to fight.  When the time came, ee helped fly Spartan's ship while leading the other 2 through the blockade.  After they drifted, across the cosmos searching for a heaven.  While Spiral wanted to head to the colony worlds Sprtan said no on the grouns of draging other cybertroins into a war they were not ready for.  As such Spril reluctently agreed but vowed to head their when the War was over.  On Heaven 1 fought heard in the air to take to cons out.  He would be later be reunited with freind when was picked up by one search teams deployed to find other bots.  Throughout the Heaven 1 campagin he and Starshot fought heard to keep the skys under Autobot domion.  When the War ended and the call to come back came he and many other were filled with joy.  When they retruned to Cybertron to flew throughout the skies with many others.  However he new that it would still be awhile before he and his surrving freinds could begein the search for the coloines.


Like many of his fellow flyers he loves to fly, however he has always been facinated with exsploring the unkown.  As such in his spare time before the war he would offten fly the on the outer atmosphere to gaze across the stars.  However he has a strong sence of nobilty.  As such he would offten put the needed off others before himself.  Hence why he offten put aside his ambtions before others.  He loves fly over earh and gaze at it's many marvels.  He veiws humanity as keendred sprits because of their exspores and adventures, however, he didn't agree with the hole Native American substigantion and sluaghter.  


First weapon: photon burst rifle

Second weapon: neutron assault rifle

Hand to hand weapon:  A pike that can collapse into a dagger.
The site is some what down.  I can look at stories, but I can't message to upload.  It a real pain.  I can't tell one guy who is using my transformers for his stores that I'm almost done.  I hope they fix it soon.
Lugger by Mermanwatch

Born as cop in in the times of Cybertron before the war began.  He always hunted his query with extreme predigest.  Unfortunately most of the time he caught he prey, but they usually ended up dead.  However he was never charged for it, because off the corruption of cast system and other legal facts he was never suspend.  However when the march began, to capture and take out supporters, but after Megatron began his war, he joined his side as a bounty hunter.  He worked with Lockdown, to hunted Autobots with prices on their head.  He began to develop a love for the hunt.  He began to take hollow pictures of each capture.  However when Lockdwon broke away he followed him.  He was put in charge of a small force on the ship the Jaeger.  His crew would collect bounties for Lockdown.  However when he heard of Lockdown's death by Galvatron he vowed revenge.  He joined forces with Starscream to provide forces.  Now he work to gather perfect humans and animals specimens for Headcase's experiments.


Cold ruthless and unforgiving he considered to be one the most dangerous bounty hunters in the galaxy.  However he dose follow someone who he views worthy of Respect Such as Lockdown.  He also loves the thrill of the hunt.  When bounty is dead or alive he loves to see the terror on their face before they die.  However when they are wanted alive he enjoys hearing them scream and beg as they dragged of.  


First weapon: E.D.K Techvolt

Second weapon: Energon Harvester with reaper mode

Third weapons: Plasma shoulder cannon left hand side

Hand to hands weapons

Frist hand to hand: A bollos 

Second hand to hand: Net

Third hand to hand: Trident

Fourth hand to hand: A sword shaped like machete 



Eddie F.
United States
Favorite media: Anime, Disney, Star Wars, Dead Space, MLP, Sonic, Cartoons, D.C, Marval and Live Action and Transformers.

Favorite Book series: Manga, Red Wall Series, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson Series, Red Pyramid Series and The Erogan book series.

Favorite Disney Movies: The Little Mermaid 1-3. The Lion King 1-2. Snow White. Pirates Caribbean 1-4.

Favorite Anime: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, Mermaid Melody, Naruto, Gundam Series, Blue Gender, Yuigho and One Piece.

Favorite Manga: Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha and Gundam SEED X Astray.

Favorite Video Games: Gears of War 1-3. Kingdom Hearts Series. Star wars Battle Front 1-2. Star Wars Empire at war 1-2. Gundam Seed Legacy. DragonBallZ Budiki Tenich series Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth 1-2 and Transformers War for Cybertron.

Favorite Cartoons: Kids Next door, Street Sharks, Marvel and D.C.

Favorite Horror movies: Dead Space Downfall, Dead Space Aftermath and Army Of Darkness.

Favorite Action Moives: Thor, Iron Man 1-2, Captain America, and Starship Troopers.

Favorite forms of art: Manga, Disney and Transformation art.

I'm not a very good artist. I just have some pictures a friend and Drew together that I'm going to post.

youtube account mixmaster3028's

Fanfiction account…
The site is some what down.  I can look at stories, but I can't message to upload.  It a real pain.  I can't tell one guy who is using my transformers for his stores that I'm almost done.  I hope they fix it soon.

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